Baby African grey parrot

Baby African grey parrot (Barney)


African Grey Parrot (BUDDY)


Grey African parrot for sale (Dorine)


African Grey Parrots 10 months old

  • Status: Available

  • ​Specie: African Grey

  • ​Age: 10 Months

  • ​Sex:  Female

  • ​Vaccinated: Yes

  • Tamed: Yes


African Grey Parrots 10 months old

With regret I’m having to get rid of my 1 year old beautiful charming African grey parrot, her name is Dorine. She is a one-person bird and very very tame to the point she will lie down on her back and sit for hours having her head scratched! I’m absolutely devastated having to sell her but I’m unable to give her the time she needs & deserves.

Grey African parrot for sale, It’s heartbreaking for us to let our African greys go because each of these birds has become part of the African G Store family. But it’s the right thing to do. We’re here to make these intelligent avians and people who dream of owning them happy. So we offer African grey for sale, letting every bird spread its wings in front of its loving folks. They seek your care and attention. And want to become your lifetime feathered friends. parrot breeders near me, parrots for sale near me.

(she does swear)

she comes with,

cites certificate

her play top cage & all bowls (less than 2 months old)

UV lamp

bath and lots of toys

puppy pads (cage liners)

Food and supplements

Could a pet be as sociable as an open-minded person? Say hello to African greys at the Grey African Parrot for sale, Store, and they’ll sing a few words to greet you in response. These birds are always ready to have a friendly chat with their owners, building vocabularies akin to that of a toddler. They are smart and quick learners with some admirable extraverted traits in their personalities. That’s why if you choose to buy a Grey parrot as a pet, you’re sure to have someone to talk to and interact with 24/7. buy parrots online, where can I buy parrots?

Grey African parrot for sale, Health Conditions

The African Grey is a strong and exotic bird that will need care. Problems shouldn’t happen if they are kept in good shape and cared for well, but because they live so long, they will. Keep an eye out for the classic signs that something is wrong: ruffled feathers, lack of appetite and general apathy, trouble breathing, or sagging wings. Feather picking is another problem that can happen often. This is a direct effect of not getting enough attention, being alone, and having bad interactions in general. This bird will need care and attention for the next 30 years. Make sure you can give them what they want!

Please carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions before placing an order :

Our all-African grey parrot for sale is covered with a 3-month health guarantee by the Bird Breeder. If you have questions about shipping visit our Birs Shipping or for more information contact us.

Additional information

At, we strive to provide full health, including African Grey Parrots, to our valued customers. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we are here to help. Please read our refund and returns policy carefully to understand your rights and responsibilities.

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