Blue And Yellow Macaw for sale

Blue And Yellow Macaw for sale


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He is just as lovable as they come, but don’t let that fool you. He will be there to protect you from whatever comes up. He’s always up for anything. Samson is a curious parrot with a playful personality. He is just an all-around great parrot! He is just waiting for that perfect family to make him theirs. He is well started on socialization from birth to gives him a solid foundation for a great character. Buy Green Winged Macaw parrot online.

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One of the largest Green Winged Macaw parrots available for sale online is the Green Winged Macaw Ara chloroptera. The forests of Central and South America are home to the massive, beautiful Green-winged Macaw species. With bright green hairs on their wings and red and blue feathers on their entire body, they are known for their different look. The sociable and intelligent Green-winged Macaw thrives on interaction and attention. They are also known for their loud vocalizations and can make excellent pets for experienced bird owners. If you looking to buy Green Winged Macaw online this is the best place for you.


The naming of this bird has a rather twisted history, its been called a variety of names that reflect both its size and color. Both this Macaw and the Hyacinth Macaw have been referred to as ‘gentle giant’ because of their large size yet very pleasant personalities. In color, this bird is often confused with the Scarlet Macaw Ara macao because of the large amount of red in its feathering. However, the Scarlet has a broad band of yellow feathers across the back rather than green ones as this bird has.

Common names were flurried about to depict this bird as well as its red cousin with the yellow band of feathers. This bird used to be called the Red and Green Macaw, the Red and Blue Macaw, the Colourful Macaw, and the Maroon Macaw. At the same time, names for the smaller Macaw with the yellow band included Red Macaw, Red and Gold Macaw, Red and Yellow Macaw, Red, Yellow, and Blue Macaw, and Scarlet Macaw. It was in 1949, when Dr. Osmond Hill, after careful research of all available materials on these species, suggested that everything be simplified. He suggested that Ara Macao simply be called the “Scarlet Macaw”, and Ara chloroptera simply be called the “Green-winged Macaw”, these are the two common names primarily used for each of these Macaw species today.

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  1. Today I received my bird. Beautiful healthy Macaw bird. Would recommend it to anyone and would definitely purchase another bird.

  2. Very happy with my Green Winged Macaw.

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