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Both his dad and mother have excellent temperaments. Macaw has an excellent, bulky structure and acts like a big brother around his sisters. He loves to fly around outside and play with his siblings. Blue and Yellow Macaw for sale online.

9 months old, male and female Blue and Yellow Macaw ready now.

  • Name: Janey
  • Sex: Male & Female
  • Age: 9 Months
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Blue And Yellow Macaw available

The Blue and Yellow Macaw for sale is a breed of large, colorful parrot found in Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay in South America. The blue and Yellow Macaw they are a striking appearance, with bright blue feathers on their wings and tail, yellow feathers on their head and neck, and green feathers on their body.

Blue and Yellow Macaws require a lot of space, attention, and socialization. They are playful and enjoy toys and activities that challenge their intelligence. Macaws are usually found in groups because they like to make noise together. They are a species that only has one partner for life. Almost always, two people are seen together. The two will fly together or sit next to each other. They will preen each other’s feathers and talk to each other with raspy calls that show love.

Blue and Yellow Macaw For Sale Facts

From the east of Panama to the north of Paraguay, you can find Blue and Yellow Macaws. They need both wet forests and swamps with palm trees. They are pretty common in areas where these two types of environments are still in good shape. Like other big macaws, they tend to go extinct quickly in places where people cut down trees and hunt.

  • Large families of macaws will roost together at night and leave together in the morning to forage for food. They have a characteristic silhouette when flying as they splay out their tail.
  • If you are considering a macaw as a pet, there are several points to contemplate. They are definitely a lifetime investment, often living over 60-80 years


2-3 eggs are laid in a breeding season, and incubated by the female for 24-28 days. The chicks hatch blind and featherless, completely dependent upon the parents. After about 10 days, their feathers begin to develop. The female feeds the chicks through regurgitation for the first week, and afterward, the male begins to take on feeding duties as well. After 3 months, the fledglings become leave the nest. They will remain with their parents for 3 weeks before becoming fully independent.

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  1. I ordered it 6 days ago, yesterday I received my baby African grey and he is just perfect !!! thank you for afgreyparrot.

  2. very sweet macaw, thanks.

  3. They delivered to my door with their driver, 100% happy with my parrots.

  4. I bought a macaw from afgreyparrot and I’m in love with it, sweet and friendly as I expected, thanks.

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