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A beautiful bird native to South America, the Severe (Chestnut-Fronted) Macaw Bird is a popular pet choice for many. It’s a parrot native to Central and South America, specifically living in pairs or flocks within tropical forests. The severe macaw is the biggest of the “mini macaws.


The Severe Macaw is a medium-sized parrot species native to South and Central America, including Brazil, Bolivia, and Mexico. They are known for their colorful appearance, with green feathers on their body, bright red feathers on their forehead, and blue feathers on their wings. Severe Macaws are highly intelligent and social birds that thrive on attention and interaction.

As pets, Severe Macaws require a lot of space, attention, and socialization. They are playful and enjoy toys and activities that challenge their intelligence. These birds are also known for their loud vocalizations and can make excellent pets for experienced bird owners who have the time and resources to provide proper care and attention. It is important to purchase a Severe Macaw from a reputable breeder or pet store that specializes in exotic birds to ensure they are healthy and well-socialized. With proper care, Severe Macaws can live up to 40 years or more, making them a long-term commitment for anyone considering owning one as a pet.

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Personality wise, these birds are fantastic. Though they have not had hundreds of years of selective breeding to domesticate their personalities. They still make fantastic pets if handfed and well socialized at a young age. They are very curious creatures, so they need a lot of mental stimulation to remain happy and healthy.

These birds should be given puzzles, games, toys, and interacted with on a daily basis to ensure they do not become bored. An owner looking to purchase a Severe Macaw for Sale should plan on integrating the bird into their life to ensure all emotional and cognitive needs are achieved. These birds do enjoy being petted alongside the back of their necks, along their beaks, or around their eyes. These birds are perfectly content sitting on their owner’s shoulders while a person does chores or even being placed on a bird stand with the owner nearby. chestnut fronted macaw for sale available now at macaw parrots for sale farm.

A good cage will allow the macaw to move about without any part of its body, tail included, touching the cage bars. When the parrot flaps its wings. They too should not touch the walls of the cage. *Though these parrots might seem small compared to their larger macaw cousins. Actually they are very active and they need ample room to feel happy and be healthy. The cage should be powder coated or made of stainless steel. Cages that are galvanized or have bars that contain zinc should never be used as this is toxic for the bird. The bars should not be spaced more than an inch apart to ensure the parrot’s head does not become stuck.


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